The High Life Strength Co. was born out of the belief that too many athletes are competent at one discipline, while lacking ability across a wide range of exercises. The High Life trains athletes of all backgrounds and levels to not only excel at their specialized sport, but also develop a higher level of fitness across a variety of movements. In doing so, athletes push past previous limits, reduce the risk of injury, and cultivate the most coveted and rewarding quality of the human body: strength.



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Jacob Bannach

Jacob Bannach is the owner and founder of The High Life Strength Co. Jacob started the company in 2017 to utilize new ways of training athletes that mitigate risk of injury and elevate overall fitness.

Before becoming a strength and conditioning coach, Jacob spent 7 years in the subsea oil and gas industry as an off-shore commercial diver. He recalls now that he “loved the combination of intensity and excitement, as well as the physical and mental challenges.”

Jacob also brings an extensive background as an athlete in a variety of disciplines. Jacob has competed in amateur kickboxing, achieved all-league recognition in American football, and competed on the national and international rugby stage. Jacob pulls from this same experience to train athletes to perform at higher levels, while improving their fundamental movements.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Jacob’s most recent endeavors include breath-hold diving and rock climbing. When not in the gym, Jacob can usually be found walking a slackline, or cruising on a longboard.




The High Life Strength Co. works off of a simple principle when it comes to equipment: fundamental gear used in a variety of ways is better than a wide range of expensive specialized equipment used in only one way. We don’t follow the latest fads of gym equipment; we know that exceptional fitness can be built with the most basic equipment used correctly.

This approach allows athletes to keep their equipment costs at a minimum and focus on their real goal: achieving outstanding fitness and unparalleled strength.

While we have all of the equipment you will need for your workouts in our gym, we offer select equipment for purchase for the athlete that wants to stay fit at home and on the go. Talk with us about bundling equipment purchases with session packages.